Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oodles Of Noodles


With temperatures dipping below zero and the ground still covered in 8 plus inches of snow O Wise One and I continue to find things to do to amuse us till spring thaw. With the gradual lengthening of days and increase in sunlight the "Ladies" in the henhouse have also found ways to amuse themselves.   

In the spring and summer the occasional neighbor will come by for a dozen or so eggs but with the condition of the roads that is not likely this time of year.

So O Wise One and myself have decided to make egg noodles after all a person can eat only so many omelets. So I dig out the handwritten recipe that was given to me years ago  by O wise Ones' mother, Mary Iola Wise One. Amazingly this recipe was the same as my mothers rolled dumpling recipe! Imagine that Lol 

It's pretty simple just a cup of flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 eggs and 2 Tblsps cream or Milnot (evaporated milk), make into a dough ball. Roll thin, slice and drop in hot broth.
(Notice Rosie supervising!)

In this instance we are slicing and placing on dehydrator trays since we have the dehydrator going anyway to dry some stale bread for bread crumbs. Normally I would put them on cookie sheets and let dry for an hour or so then freeze them on cookie sheets and remove and put in bags and put back in freezer. This time we will dry in dehydrator for a short period of time and then freeze. Ready for that next batch of chicken broth.  

And Rosie gets the last one....The End!

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  1. you know i've been wanting to make my own noodles. i have a kitchenaid mixer that will do most of the work if i get the attachment, but you make it look easy!

    high five for a fellow-missourian who used to also live in Georgia (atlanta metro suburb)!

  2. Rosie waited patiently for that noodle! This is a great way to use your extra eggs and have wonderful home made noodles ready to make a quick meal. You make it look easy.

  3. Yes you do make this look so easy!! I have never really tried to make my own noodles, other than an occasional small recipe of some sort. I am heading out today to buy "good flour" LOL!! to try to make me some too!!! I have a feeling that mine will not look as good as yours though!!!!

    I don't have one of those nice little dough cutter rollers like you have. So when mine don't out good I will blame it on that :-))))))
    I could just look at that little rolling pin thingy all the time!

    Thanks for the recipe! I too have lots off eggs right now that could go to good use!

  4. my mouth is watering over those noodles!
    thanks for sharing your recipe !!!

  5. And I also like the teapot, sugar and creamer
    set at the top of your blog!

  6. The noodles look great, where did you get that cool noodle cutter?